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I have seen one or two members mentioning that they have given bread as a treat to the chickens....My three are ex battery hens and seem to be doing well after four weeks but they are not really interested in some of the "treats " mentioned on here.

They don't like broccoli even thought the chase after it and then spit it out...I opened a tin of sweetcorn this evening and gave then a little but no they pecked feebly at it then wandered off! They do seem to like Dandelion leaves but that seem so be all [apart from grapes which started a punch up] Is it OK to give a little bread and if so what type is best please?

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If you don't soak it first, it gets soaked in the crop and swells up causing problems.


I just pour a bit of water over it and by the time i've got to the garden, it's soaked. No science required!

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