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I really wish Omlet would consider making a smaller, lighter 'mini' eglu and run to use as a broody coop. I love my bantams and know that they have a tendency to go broody, but one of mine has been almost permanently broody since Easter and it's driving me - and her mates - absolutely nuts.


We have done everything, let her sit it out (with food and water), turfed her off, put roosting bars over the nesting box, dunked her daily... and for the last week, had her in a broody 'cage'. Nothing is working and she is such a pain when she is broody, stopping the others from laying comfortably, being moody etc etc.


What would be ideal for us is a small Eglu and run where we could house her until she had stopped being broody. Would be great for anytime when a chook was ill as well. As anyone ever suggested that before?



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