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bantams and hybrids

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It's not always easy integrating large and small fowl; some people haven't had any problems, others have had injuries to the smallsters. I have all bantams and they are fine, so long as any introductions are taken slowly.


I think that if you can arrange to get them all on the same day, you should be fine, just provide lots of food and water stations and keep an eye on them in case it gets out if hand.

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Mine are all pure breeds Hasnett, and got them from various sources near me in Banbury. The big hybrids supplied by Omlet are bred to be placid, by comparison, my girls seem skittish, having said that, some of them are more biddable than others. I have them all trained to come when I whistle, which makes getting them in the eglu run easier. Bantams are also less inclined to ruin the garden and produce copious quantities of poo. :lol:


Laying - well, you won't get the 'one egg per day' that is virtually guaranteed with hybrids, but the pure breeds live longer and seem to be healthier. If you want loads of eggs, then get hybrids; if chickens are your passion and the eggs are a bonus, then get pure breeds/bantams.


You can see some pics of my girls in the album link in my signature and also in my Photobucket album

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I'd say that if you already have your hybrids and you are planning to add bantams and you intend to keep them confined in the run together ....... don't do it!


However, if you have your bantams first and add a couple of young hybrids (not laying yet) and you can give them a bit more room to get away from each other ...... try it, but take it very slowly!


I added a couple of hybrids to my little bantam flock a couple of years ago and the bantams soon put the hybrids in their place!


All chickens (and bantams) are different though, so it's really difficult to say yay or nay!

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