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mixed chickens

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hiya everyone! just wanted to start off by saying a big thankyou to to everyone who helped over the past few months with all my questions and what-not. i would name names but i cant remember everyone!

so here goes another question:


we are getting some chickens soon but the ones we like are a mixture of bantam and fowl e.g frizzle+silkie and new hampshire red+wellsumer if we got these from the same farm (raised in the same run and all the same age) do you think it would be ok or is it best not to risk it and have one or the other?


thanks for any replies! :D

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If you get them all on the same day, then you might not have too much of a problem with them getting settled. Just provide plenty of feeding and water stations to lessen the chances of fighting.


BTW, you can get bantam sized versions of Welsummers and new hampshire reds (two breeds that I would like)

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