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Chicken eating eggs

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I have a mandarin duck sitting on eggs and I think my bantam is stealing the eggs and eating the contents when the duck nips out to feed and swim. There was one taken last night and another this morning .... The egg last night was quite a way from the nest but the chicken was pecking at it and had started to pull the developing duckling out.


I've taken her away now until the duck hatches the eggs she has left ..... but is this common with chickens?...and will she do it again next year?...She's never shown any interest in the eggs before...either hers or the duck's....she only seems to be touching the warm ones under the duck! there are several in a nest that was stated but seems to be abandoned which she ignores (other than laying hers alongside every day)


Has anyone else experienced something like this?

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A friend recently gave me The Complete Encyclopedia of Chickens and I spotted this mentioned in there the other day. Well, not duck eggs. Apparently once a hen gets the taste for egg she will keep on. Either keep her away until the habit wears off, or blow an egg and stuff it with mustard and pepper: After a few attempts she will be put off (apparently).

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