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Wasps living in compost heap?

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We have a plastic compost bin, which is nearly full at the moment. It has slots all around it, & we are seeing at least 4/5 wasps around it all the time going in & out.

Do wasps make nests in compost heaps? We saw a photo of Kate's on the forum of the nest she found in her summer house, so I wondered if there would be room for a nest in the composter? Or are they just after the rotting fruit in there?

Any advice gratefully received before my problem gets worse!

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i think its quite unlikley they would build a nest in a plastic compost bin. i think they are probably after the rotton food and if theres any wood in there probably that too, to build the nest out ofl.

if the poblem gets worse i would get a wasp spray or something.

good luck!

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