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Hollywood Lives

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Did anyone see the first part of this six part documentary series last night? It was on ITV from 10pm to 10.30, all about vanity in Hollywood and what lengths people will go to, to acheive the perfect look. Some of them just end up looking like complete freaks to me. The male hairdresser who spent $279,000 on plastic surgery to end up looking like Pete Burns' twin with 'man boobs', sorry pec implants, I think he would have been better off spending it on therapy, he looked so far removed from anything human it was frightening. The conclusion of the sad life of the woman who had silicone cheekbones that eventually killed her, when before the surgery she was very pretty, and the wannabe starlet who had her toes shortened.


It all brings back the 'Bride of Wildenstein' to me :roll::roll:

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[strangely, the Thursday ITV episode isn't listed in the Radio Times next week.............


It is on in a fortnight, not sure why :?


Have you ever looked at this site?



I think that's where I got my Bride of Wildenstein link from! I added a link to my first post so everyone knew what I was on about.

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