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Stain removing

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I just had to share this with you. Son came home from school on Wednesday with a huge ink blot prominently staining his red tie :twisted:

Unfortunately it was a brand new tie, issued to him just a few days before to show his prefect status, and he had to wear it to an important school event after school on Thursday. I couldn't replace it easily and was absolutely furious with him for ruining it and probably having to represent his school wearing such a disgraceful mess around his neck.

But I then checked a little book that I have about natural stain removal and it said to soak ink stains in milk for several hours. I was a little dubious, but it had to be worth a try, and do you know........ it worked :dance:

3 hours in a cup full of semi-skimmed, a quick scrub with some handwash liquid and it looks pretty much as good as new :D:D

Son looked very smart yesterday.......... even though the stupid boy missed out on the opportunity to be interviewed for BBC breakfast this morning by choosing to attend a PE lesson rather than a "meeting" with his science teacher :roll:

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Oh Kate, I am so glad you posted this!


Devon wears white shirts to School (she refuses point blank to wear the navy summer Polo :roll: )

She also has big boobs for a 14 year old :roll:

Anyhow, she is doing ink printing & managed to get a big red blot right on her boob,as she leant over her work.

To make matter worse it was a brand new shirt (they cosy £9.50 each) & the only one in a size 10 which fits her well.


So, off to school the following day in a size 8 with the buttons straining over her bust AND SHE DID IT AGIN,WITH BLACK INK :twisted::twisted::twisted:


I have washed them both,used stain devil,Vanish,Dissolve-it & left them overnight in bleach, all with no real effect.


I will give the milk a go, if its not already too late :roll:

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I will give the milk a go, if its not already too late :roll:


I really hope it works Sarah :D I don't know if the stain will be harder to remove from white, but it did a brilliant job of getting a large black ink blot off a red tie, so fingers crossed it'll work for you as well.


Bron that web site looks useful. I'll bookmark that in case of further stains, I'm bound to need it with my clumsy household.


Claire, I didn't know about using sour milk on biro, I just used fresh and that worked, but it's worth knowing abou sour milk as well. Thanks :D

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