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silver sussex - late to mature?

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got my chooks 6 weeks ago, at 16 weeks of age.


the 2 Bluebells are now well into an egg a day each (Tara for about 2 weeks, Paris for a week).


however, the 2 Silver Sussex still look a long way from maturity - their faces are red, but their combs are still tiny - quite red though. from looking at various pics of sussex hens, I think I might have to wait a while still for them to lay.


does anyone know if sussexes mature later than other breeds, or maybe mine are just late developers?

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Bluebelles are hybrids: and most hybrids are bred to grow up quickly and lay like machines for two years. Silver Sussex hens are pure breeds, which grow up in their own time, and take a more leisurely approach to laying: but they will lay for longer, and live longer.


I looked up the Silver Sussex and discovered that Wikipedia has an interesting chicken breeds section; but a lot of the breeds on the list are coloured red and therefore still need to be written, if anyone fancies this task. The ones already done (including the Sussex) are very good. I have at last found out what my pure-bred hens should have weighed (both overweight, I am afraid).

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If you look at my sig you'll see my Sussex Star was the last of my original 3 to start laying, even though they were all about the same age, once her comb grew she laid regularly. Her eggs are the most beautiful, apricot coloured and glossy.

It'll be worth the wait!

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