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Treated sour crop, should we keep her in tonight?

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Ainsley was clearly unwell today, after an examining her crop she expelled some brown fluid. Looked up Christians advice on the FAQ for sour crop and massaged her crop with her head down and a lot of fluid was expelled. (wish we'd done this outside rather than in the kitchen :roll: )

Anyhow, she has picked up, and eaten a small amount of mash and natural yoghurt. She's currently in a cardboard box in the house with water. Should we put her back with the other girls, or keep her in overnight?

They hadn't been picking on her so not worried about that, just not sure if she's better in the warm so we can monitor her or better in her own surroundings.

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I would get her to the vet for some nystatin as its seems to be the best thing for hens. However it might be worth getting the vet to drain her via tube and showing you how as its less traumatic to the hen and less risk of inhaling the fluid. Also if there is a blockage then sometimes it can get it out too.


Is she passing poos? Often with sour crop there is a blockage further down and some liquid parafen can help in some porridge. I would stay on wet foods for a while with her-whiz some boiled eggs in a mixer for protein etc.


Uma x

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hi sorry for stilted reply via my silly phone.

Absoloutly agree that Nystatin is fab but tis Sunday and I was trying to suggest things that could be achieved today.

So yes, is there any solid poo getting through?

Sour crop is most often secondary to something else, like a lash on way or stuck, egg bound, an infection, or another blockage, so is hard really.

The best you can hope to do is keep it from being sour whilst sorting out whatever else it is, and this will need a good vet both to diagnose, and treat.

many people have treated sour crop with the other methods and I think their is a section in health care detailing this.

Oral antibiotics can also cause sour crop.

I add probiotics to the yoghurt as this helps too.

If it is sour due to a blockaged then IF she will eat maggots are helpful in separating a blockage and some same eating the goop that is sour, though I am not convinced at that... (but still try)

I have found that Nystain IS the best and works fairly fast but dosing is again one of those controvercial issues with recommendations stating at 1ml x 2 daily to 3x daily to 3mls 3x dail to 5ml 3 x dailyy (all dofferent veterinary recomendations.

good luck

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just a note from me to share our experience: you can get fluid filled crops that are not sour. I have a chook who is regularly blocked and needs to be emptied but it's never been sour so Nystatin wouldn't have achieved anything.


If it smells sour then it's probably sour crop, caused by something else.

If it doesn't smell, or just smells like pellets would if sloshing around a chicken's crop, then it's not sour crop but possibly caused by a blockage in the crop (which is what my girl regularly suffers from) or further down in the gizzard, for example.


I've never taken this chook to the vet, but treated her myself. I have used some liquid paraffin (you can also use olive oil or something similar) on occasion after I've emptied her to get some blockage shifting downwards. I've also been able to get some of the blockages up and out of her mouth.

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After looking very for herself yesterday, her crop was completely empty this morning. The first time we emptied her lots of lumps came out, the 2nd and 3rd time it was just liquid. Was smelly though, so definitely sour crop. It hadn't filled up again this morning, so could we have cleared the blockage? Luckily my Hubbie is working from home today so he can keep an eye on her.

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Well she's been out with her pals all day and eating. Tbh I suspect there might be an underlying problem as she stopped laying a while ago, and we have had her a year, so she is doing ok for an ex batt. I will keep checking her crop in the mornings and we will see how she goes. Thanks for all the advice.

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