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advice for new rabbit owners

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We have had our rabbits in their eglu for two days now and just need reassurance that we're doing OK! They are dwarf lops called Cha-cha and Woody

We have been putting them into the eglu overnight (see my post on bunnie bedtime) but are planning to let them choose to be in or out tonight. We have filled up the hay basket and change the water and food every day. Do we need to take out the bedding straw and replace it every day? It seems a bit excessive (especially before school every day) or will this wait until the weekend when we plan to have a good clean out? We are feeding on Russel Rabbit - do we need to feed carrots etc as well? What toys are good for them? What else should we give them to make sure their teeth etc are healthy? How often do they need to go to the vet?

See - we really are beginners! :o

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OOOO, a new bunny owner! Great to hear from you. I have two mini-lop girls.


I would suggest leaving the Rablu doo ropen at night, they will go in if they want to. Bunnies are quiet active at night and will want to go outside, they may also want to poo outside as bunnies are naturally clean.


You only need to clean out the rablu once a week or so - they like to poo in one place, in fact mine have a litter tray that they go in and they are easy to train to do this. They should be checked out by a vet and vaccinated against Myximatosis and VHD, then only need to go once a year for a checkup. Girl bunnies need spaying when they are 6 months old to stop them getting uterine cancer, boy bunnnies would benefit from being done to stop them spraying and humping everything!


Feel free to PM me if you need more info



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What russel rabbit stuff are you feeding them? I've found that rabbit mixes aren't as good as pellets especially if your rabbit picks bits out of it. Hay is great for their teeth and keeps everything moving, it's a must as it's what they are designed to eat. I feed my girls greens, cabbage, broccoli, and some herbs can be given to bunnies to supliment their diet. Carrots should only be given as treats as they are high in sugar. Apple and willow twigs are great for rabbits teeth aswell and keep them occupied. Also boxes, tubes, paper bags, yellow pages, newspaper and hard plasic balls hard plastic rattles (not teething ones) are great toys for bunnies. You can buy all sorts in pet shops but the home made ones are usually most popular.

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Sounds like your bunnies get everything that they need. When I collected mine from the breeder they were fed on Supreme rabbit mix, but they were feeding selectively from that and leaving the pellets, so I gradually switched them over to Hills science diet pellets, which they now eat as I adopted an 'it's that or nothing' policy! They love Timothy hay as a treat (it's expensive) and i get my regular hay from a farm as it is so much fresher and they seem to eat more of it than that from a pet shop. They love curly kale,but hate carrots, but love eating grass and some herbs from the agrden. So long as you introduce new food gradually they will be fine - bunnies have a very delicate digestive system, so some Avipro probiotic in their water helps them cope with the change in diet.

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