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Early trauma!!

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:cry: Hello all.

We have had our eglu & chickens ,Martha and Rose just over 2 weeks.Rose laid after 9 days producing 5 beautiful speckled eggs in daily succesion.Unfortunately she then produced a fluid filled sac which dangled for a while before dropping off.Then 2 days of soft shell less eggs . After 2 days of looking very hunched and poorly and not eating we resorted to the vets this afternoon.He was lovely and has taken her under his wing so to speak.She is now in hospital being tube fed and on antibiotics.He thinks it is egg peritonitis.Rose looked a little perkier tonight when we visited,but more smug as she has a palatial kennel to herself.Martha however is looking a little lost and my 5 year old George is grief stricken!An eventful introduction to chicken keeping so far and realization at how quickly we have all got very attached to our chickens!Fingers are crossed for a speedy recovery.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks xx

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Thankyou for your kind concern.

The vet has phoned this morning and Rose is a little perkier.She has had another tube feed and is walking around pecking the floor of the surgery.Still mucous poo and no egg yet.Will post tomorrow with further news.Thanks.

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We are picking Rose up at 4.30 from the vets as she is better.Still no eggs though either soft or hard.A bit concerned they may be backing up in her system. :?

She is an omlet hen and Barbara at Omlet has been great with good advice.I am keeping them informed.Just picked another lovely warm egg out from Martha.I'm sure she will be thrilled to have her pal back!!

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:D Rose is home!!

A little skinny and still no egg production but great to have her back.

We let her freestyle round the garden and the first thing Martha did was chase her about as she thought she might have a tastier morsel!!

We have given her a few grapes as a treat,which included tossing some for Martha each time halfway down the garden to keep her away as she is as fast as lighting and Rose doesn't get a look in!

We did have a really heavy downpour while they where out so i hope she didn't get too cold and wet.They managed to find a sheltered spot eventually under the patio table.

So the fun now begins as we have to give her antibiotics via a shringe every day-any handy tips would be very welcome on that front!My husband hasn't picked them up yet and still isn't sure which one is which - shame on him.A firm hand is in order - for Rose and the husband!!

We will see how she goes now.

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