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I'm a little bit worried about my hen. We got a new one yesterday which I think the others were a little bit annoyed about. 2 of the girls have started to lay this week. This morning they both laid beautiful eggs but they were very thin shells. I know this is normal when they first start laying.


It's just around Polly's vent it is a tiny bit messy and when I looked at her vent it seemed clean but pulsing continually. Is this normal? :oops: A few of her feathers are missing too.

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The vent does pulse, I've noticed the backend moves when they eat too :?

The feathers could have been pecked or pulled out.

Sometimes poo just sticks there. I leave it a while and try and clean it up if it doesn't go on its own. Some people trim it off if it is stuck.

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My daughter and sister describe the hens bums as 'talking' due to the pulsing action you describe!! :D Looks quite gross actually! :?


As for the feathers around the vent being a little messy-I wouldn't worry too much, if it gets worse you could give her a bit of a clean up in warm water but Ria had this when she first started laying and within a couple of days it was all fine.


Not sure about the missing feathers though!


Hope that helps a little, I'll probably find out now that I'm wrong and it's something completely different! :oops: But providing she is eating and drinking well and seems in good health-she probably is. :)

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