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Linda B

Contented Chickens

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I've had my girls for about a month now and love them to bits - I'm sure the ferocious pecking on their part is a sign of endearment! It's like the charge of the light brigade when I let them out but, much to their disgust, they only get to free range for a couple of hours a day.


I'd like to give them something to do whilst their locked up all day. I was thinking about putting a roosting bar in the run for them to hop on and I've read somebody mention putting a CD in for them to peck at (might be the perfect use for the Wombles CD I was given for Xmas a couple of years back - I was 33 at the time but that's mums for you!). Would appreciate any ideas!


(green eglu) 07/06/07 GNRGNRGNRPP

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Hi, we tried the CD thing and they all ran and hid under the cube! :shock: Gave it half an hour and as they were all still cowering inthe corner we took it out :roll:

Ours have got a couple of chunks of logs, they stand on it like king of the castle - til the next one barges them off, and of course there's the added bonus of the odd woodlouse they haven't found yet. :lol:


Mrs Bertie

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Don't forget to hang up treats for them, mine love spring greens which i hang high enough that they have to jump slightly to get at it.


A perch of some description is a good idea too.


I also got one of those dog treat balls that is full of holes and i sometimes stuff it with green leaves such as Kale, keeps them going for ages!

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I've got a small plastic ball (found in the garden when I moved in!) which I cut a slit in, I fill it with raisins/mealworms and they kick it around the run to shake them out. I have a feeling it doesn't last long, but I usually chuck it in when I am going to be away overnight, on the basis that it will slow them down a bit!

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