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Ginger still sore and missing feathers??

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Since January (i know a long time now), Ginger has been sore with missing feathers on her back and bottom. Bottom is really red -but no blood. Feathers on her back are slowly coming back, although every now and then its 2 steps forward and 3 back!.


Fitted Pepper a bumper bit a month ago, as i did notice a bit of pecking going on! Back in Jan 07 i took her to vets and they gave her a course of Baytril Apparently she had been bitten by the dog next door, some bruises.


She's her usual self, eating/drinking. Laying lots of eggs!


Anyone else having same problems or had? What can i do next??

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Thanks for replies! Some feathers are starting to grow through... tried all the sprays -gentian violet, anti pec spray, tea tree -you name it!


I think she's probably doing it to herself... Really struggled putting the bumper bit on Pepper... I even had my dad over to hold her.


I had to take her to this man down the road who breeds chickens (he was really grumpy and said it wasn't fair)-he did it as a one off, so i've got noone who can give me a hand to fit one on Ginger!!)


Would a vet do it?

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I'm sure a vet would help Pasq.


heres what i did -


Put bumper bit in hot water to make it looser. Wrap chicken in a towel so only her head/neck is sticking out. Put the 'A' bit in the beak and slide the rest up, until it clicks into place.


The towel seemed to calm her as she couldn't struggle.


It took me ages and lots of attempts, but worked in the end!


Good luck.

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Took Ginger to vets on Friday and it appears that the tail and back are inflamed. We tried baytril ealy on in year and it made no difference... SHe has now given me some pills (to hopefully stop the inflamation...) Fingers crossed she gets better. Just a pity its been such a while now........

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