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Hi there all. have recently lost one of our chooks (BUBBLES).

I am now hoping to find someone in the area who sells point of lay chooks in my area.

The old man said i can have another one if i want.....YIPEE :D

The run seems tooooo big with only two in there!

Hope someone can point me in the right direction?


Edit- Buffie Just popped you into chickens ;-):D

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Hi there.....


Not sure what breed you wanted, but the link below is of suppliers that the mirfield hatchery aprove as their suppliers (ours came from another supplier on the list), obviously I have no idea what any of these places are like but the farm we visited was very good.....


Ours are black rock hybrids, seem really nice hens, friendly, not too loud and now Hilda is laying we have had an egg everyday (upto now).....




Hope this helps.....

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here's the list of breeders we have put together. It's in the Chicken FAQ forum.


If you know of a local farm it might be worth giving them a ring, they might know of a local breeder?


White Post Farm is the only one I know of near Nottingham. Might be a good place to start?

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Yes we sure have, It was a bit unfortunate as the weather was so bad that we couldnt have a look around (plus we was nearly 40 mins late, but they waited for us before closing).....We will be going again when I am allowed more :)


I assume it was Micheal that got ours for us, but by the looks of ours he did a great job...... The both seem really nice, and seemed to give good advice too, wouldnt let us buy anything that we didnt need, plus he had good things to say about the eglu :)

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Fingers xD! Waiting for a phone call from the Whitepost farm to see if they have any girlies for sale?

OH says we can have TWO!! :D YIPEE!

Lets hope they have some available?

Rang one place in Chesterfield and they wont have any available until September :shock::(

OH now on his way to B&Q to get some kit to extend the run,bless him!

If Whitepost not got any then i will ring the chap @ Bilton.

Thankyou all for your help :D

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