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Hi there,


I am at my wits end trying to introduce my new ex battery hen to the other two ex batts I have.


I have had the new one, which was really oven ready when I got her, but has some more feathers now, for about eight weeks.


For a start I kept them apart and gradually have introduced them.


When free ranging, the new one is at the opposite end of the garden to the other two and it they go near her she just squeals and runs away.


When it is time to go in their run, when I have to go out, the new one just runs away and I have to catch her and force her in the run with the other two,who peck her and she just runs, squealing,and hides in the Eglu. If I open the port hole, she tries to jump out.


At night time she is always the last to go in, which I expect, and she goes in hides in the corner with her head well down, shaking, but I am just so soft, it is breaking my heart to see her like this.


She is fit and well, laying and eats fine and comes to call but I just wonder how long I should expect this to go on, or should I give her, her own house.


The other two are not really agressive to her I think it is just the pecking order ritual which is so hard to watch.


How much longer !!!!!



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thats a good idea ^^^^^ but i was thinking maybe block off a bit of the run and put the new one in one half and the others in the other half with see-though mesh so they can see each other but not peck eachother.

maybe let them free-range and put some treats on the ground in one area so the timid one has to come over if she wants some!

good luck

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Oh dear - poor hen and poor you :( .


Introducing one new hen to two established hens is nearly always very difficult - but then you know that now!


If this has been going on for some time, it may never get any better as their behaviour becomes learned - the bullies always bully and the bullied always runs and hides.


I favour the suggestion of acquiring a new pal for your poor hen and a new home for them to share.


Sorry - not much help.


Good luck. :)

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I've managed fine with introducing 1 to 2 twice. With freeranging during the day Katy ran round the garden to escpae the others and I had to introduce lots of food and shelter. It was getting better after 3 weeks. For the first few days I lifted Katy in at night when the others had been roosting for up to an hour and very dozy. They pecked/chased her but there was no damage at all.

Megan has had a lot more trouble settling in and is more timid. When she tried to fly off I shut her on her own in the eglu run with the others outside. The chickens have pulled out feathers and Trinny used to jump on her back to hold her still before pecking :evil: Katy used to walk out of the eglu to block her from roosting.

Now Trinny has gone and there is 1 friend and just Katy to occasionally peck/chase a short distance she seems a lot better (7th month :shock: )


If there's no damage, it should sort itself out in a few weeks and she might not need a new home. One option is to remove one bully at a time for a while to weaken their position.

Another chicken may spread out the bullying as long as they side with the bullied chicken. At one point Abbie pulled out Megan's tail feathers and they were introduced together, and was 3 against 1!

I'd give them time to sort it out, and after that it's up to you to decide if they will get on or not.

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