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Funny chickens

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I tried feeding grapes yesterday. I was holding Megan and first of all she clamped her beak round the whole thing and just stayed like that with a huge gobstopper.

I put her down and started breaking them up and she got really excited and somersaulted over her head and had to flap ungracefully onto her feet again :lol:

Abbie chased a butterfly and was really cute. She ran down the garden as if running for treats until she reached the fence, but she was surprised as it suddenly gained height and she just had to stand by the fence and watch it fly off. :roll:

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Love the gymnastic chicken Chocy :lol::lol:8)


What next the beam (top of fence), glug & grub as vaults :lol::lol:


Brilliant 8)

She's done those already :roll:

She used to clamber over the G&G when chased in the early days, and flew onto a 7 foot hedge and refused to come down when we first got her....

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