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Hi All,


My cat (who is an intrepid hunter of everything and anything) has just brought a baby stoat (dead) into the garden which obviously indicates that we have a family of them fairly close to us!!


Having just performed a search on the web, I have discovered that one of the animals that Stoats prey on are chickens!!!!


I am now completely paranoid about my girls and wondered if anyone had any advice - apart from make absolutely certain that their run is reinforced as much as possible and keeping my fingers crossed. They are very bendy creatures and will probably take advantage of any weak areas in the chicken run (the eglu run is inside another).


I did take some photos of the poor little dead thing which are not very nice viewing and I may post these a bit later (for those of you with strong stomachs). It was very pretty and only young. Even for one so young, its teeth were like daggers!!


I'm now very worried and any advice anyone can give me would be most welcome.



PS : I'm now going out to the girls every 5 minutes to check that they are ok!!

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Thanks for the reply. I was just so surprised to see this creature in my garden (albeit not very alert!!). Trouble is, they are so versatile :evil: and I suppose if they want to get in, they will. I'll just have to be more alert.


Thanks again and have a good evening!

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