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Welcome to your new home Poppy and Fern

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Finally found somewhere nearer to us to find some beautiful new ladies for our garden.

I was broken hearted when we lost Bubbles and the OH said if i could find some i could have TWO....YAY!!! :D

Managed to find a place called Little Morton Farm in North Wingfield in Chesterfield,Derbyshire.

Lovely,lovely people.

We now have two new girlies called Poppy and Fern.

Point of lay Black rocks and boy are they different to the other two!

Just hope that Emily and Marjorie dont kill them though?

Isnt pecking order cruel!!!!! :shock::?

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Sorry to hear that! :cry:

Bracken is my craft name and i do love the architecture of the plants and their habitat. 8)


Ahh, thats ok !! :) They are lovely names, special names for me! Am also great lover of nature/animals etc.


some photos of your girls would be fab :wink:

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Forgot to mention that both the new girls laid their first eggs today :shock::D

Not bad to say they're having the living daylights bullied out of them and we had'nt even had them 24 hrs.

Clever girls :clap:

Perfectly formed but quite a bit smaller than the other two,but i dont care, I'm proud of them.

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