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With 2 broody hens occupying the nest boxes of my 2 eglus, meaning that the chickens are having to sit on top of each other to lay their eggs (which the broodies then try to hide under their feathers and pretend they are theirs :roll: )


I have been thinking .... are all you lucky cube owners finding things easier with the nest box system in the cube if you have a broody or 2?


Not that we can afford one :( , but I must admit to being curious.


edit to say - forgot to mention - have treid the potty solution but they have all turned their noses up at it!

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I don't have a Cube but I do have two types of wooden houses.


One has the house (and nest box) above the run like the Cube. The other is more conventional and I purposely use it as a broody ark - it's just a little house that sits on the ground (or on a raised platform). I can honestly say that my bantams do not go broody if they are laying in the upstairs house, but I encourage them to go broody (when I want one!!) by allowing them to lay in the broody ark. So just maybe the Cube owners will find the same thing??????


The exception that proves the rule is my Light Sussex (Lily) who lays for two weeks, then goes broody, gets shut in the sin bin, stops being broody but sulks for two weeks then starts laying for two weeks, goes broody etc etc etc!

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