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Hello *waves*

If the girls crouch when you approach them then that is a good sign for them being close to laying- having said that we get 2 eggs a day & one only crouches when she feels like it :roll: Nice red combs & wattles are also good pointers :D

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Hi and Welcome to the forum.


Chandon started to lay 2 weeks after she arrived, one week later Moet started, but Peri kept us waiting 3 more weeks. (Strangely enough Chandon looks less developed than the other two, her comb is much smaller.) They all arrived at the same time and were the same size to start out, so I guess they develop at different rates.

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All ours are now crouching, but only one is laying and all ours should be about 23 - 24 weeks old, Im guessing that some just amture a little quicker than others......


Welcome to the forum :)


the chickens that is akthough yours are ok too lol

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