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Cheshire Chooks

Local advise from the Northeners please.

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I have been following this brilliant forum for over a year now and finally my chooks are in sight :D . A green cube with 2 omlet chooks are due to arrive on Weds 1st August. Last Thursday I dislocated my left patella :( which has stopped us flying to Corsica yesterday but the enforced rest in a splint has allowed me to finally register and hopefully pick your brains. I would like to have some additional different chooks and wonder if you can recommend some local breeders within a drive of Stockport(Manchester/Lancs/Cheshire/Staffs/Derbyshire). I really would like a Buff Orpington to be one of them. In a standard cube/run but being let out for a few hours each day into an omlet netting enclosure, how many chooks could I keep? To add to the omlet pair, how long do I have to obtain the others to avoid the problems of reestablishing the order? I would like to use auboise/hemcore but where can I obtain this locally? Where do I get grit/feed from? :?:

I have also ordered a green rablu but I think I have burdened you all with enough questions for now!!!! :D

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How about Garden Poultry? its in Frodsham (near Cheshire Oaks), at the moment they have over 600 birds and are expecting a delivery of more breeds in a couple of weeks. we went there a few weeks ago its its brilliant, all the birds are vaccinated and well cared for in huge feilds!

their website is www.gardenpoultry.cwc.net

if you look at the "breeds" page there are more chooks available but they havent got round to updating there website yet.

good luck!

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I've got chooks from Garden Poultry and from Moorlands Farms at Leek - they are meadowsweet agents and have been more than happy with my girls from both. They dont have pure breed like Buff Orpington's though.


If you want to call round to see my cube and chooks you are more than welcome - just send me a message to arrange something - a wet afternoon in Stockport - not quite the same as going to Corsica


Bowlers on Marple Road sell everything you are likely to need for your chooks...

Organic food that Omlet supply, Organic Mixed poultry corn, Hemcore bedding, poultry spice etc etc

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Thanks for your advice everyone. My wife has been to Bowlers as suggested by Jaime and came back with citronella, garlic, Hemcore, grit and layers pellets!!!!! :o


Its looking like we will have to settle for a mixture of hybrids from garden poultry or from Leek. :?


Any thoughts on number of chooks?


Jaime - its very kind of you but right now I am struggling to get about. Managed to get to Stepping Hill for physio this a.m. and now I am knackered. :(

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If you have the Cube and one section of run I would say a maximum of 5 chooks. If you have Cube and 2 sections of run I would say 7 chooks. But that's because my hens have to spend most of the day in the run and can only free range when I'm home from work.


Dont feel that you are settling for second best by having hybrids - they really are great pets and are better for garden situations (so it is said). I'm sure somebody can provide a list of reasons why they are more suitable!

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