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I hate my brother

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:( I have just adopted 2 boy guinea piggs, they left behind 2 other siblings.

The problem is that they are not getting on with each other. One of them seems to be domanating the other! And they are simply on longer happy with each others company. Although the Pet Shop owners assured me that they prevoiusly co existed happily. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am new to the Guinea Pigg world. (brown guinea)

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They should settle down in a while if they were together before. There will always be a dominant one, but it should not lead to any serious fighting. (Unless they can smell female guinea pigs - you haven't got any others, have you?)

A nice BIG cage will always help, too, room for them each to have some 'personal space'.

Hope they settle down soon. :)

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and put a couple of tubes in the cage as well, so they can hide from each other. Mine love hiding in them. You can either buy cardboard ones from somewhere like P@H or get some plastic tubing - such as soil pipe - from a DIY place.


Don't forget to take some photos for us!

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