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Guest Dilly

Breakfast in Dilly's penthouse suite

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Day two of the new baby bantam flock. Click on the WWW at the bottom - lots more lovely pictures.


You really get a good view - its like looking through the roof at Wembley stadium :D

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I can't believe how tiny some of them are.


They are presently all sitting looking out the door at the antics of Dilly Dilly and Pumpkin.


It looks like rain is imminent - so I guess they will stay looking.


Tomorrow I will be encouranging them outside.


The Orpington has almost taked the step - and keeps teetering on the edge and one of the little ones too.


The breeder said that the little ones might not be able to flutter out yet, so will need a helping hand - but they will be able to fly up and in!


She suggested I let them eat and drink 'indoors' again today - then tomorrow will be 'launch day'


I can't wait to see them scratching around in the pen and discovering all their territory.


They are not interested in any lettuce or greens yet :roll:

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She is really cute so soft and fluffy, feels more like fur.


I just do not have a favourite - they are all gorgeous - and looking forward to seeing how their characters develop. I have found with all the chickens I have had, they each had something different about them.


30 years ago I had a couple of dozen or so of Rhode Island Reds and about a dozen or so ad hoc bantams.


The Cock bantam used to hate my husband (now ex husband) and every time he went into the run, it used to jump onto his back and peck at his neck - looked more like Woody Woodpecker than a chicken - it used to have me in laughing hysterics :D:D:D

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Thank you so much for checking them out - they will be making regular appearances on my website - we are just in the process of choosing names for them - well the grandchildren are

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That's Pumpkin - whom I adopted - and named by Rosie, Claret's daughter - I thought it was the perfect name for her.


She was just showing off to the new babies - and claiming me as hers I think, as she has never ever done that before - in fact she is not the cuddly sort :lol:

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It was hilarious.


Today we had family for the day - and so they now have names, except one - and I can't quite decide.


They learnt how to come out of the Cube unaided - not down the ladder - but flying upwards - and boy do they fly high - glad that the pen is netted all over :lol:


Once they gain a bit of weight and get bigger - they will be flying at waist height like the others I guess.


I am keeping a photo diary on my website of them - so I can look back and remember when they were cute little babies.

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