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Moulting Early

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Last year my girls stopped laying at the end of august (Ruby a little later and lasted until the middle of september) and all went into a moult. I didn't get any eggs until the middle of april this year :(


Buttercup has been moulting for 4 weeks and Pepsi started yesterday.


Do you think the unseasonal weather is bringing on their moult early? It was decidedly nippy here this morning, very Autumn like :(

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My mabel has been moulting for months now - she's doing it slowly and carefully a few feathers at a time - we've just seen a gradual spread of dark grey feathers appearing over the last few months. I think Mildred is doing the same - she's gradually been getting nice shiny new feathers everywhere ut i've recently noticed her long wing feathers appearing in the run so im guessing she's started replacing those! Thankfully this way they still manage to lay eggs - clever girls :wink:

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