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Broodiness no more!

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Recently I was talking to a former breeder of 'specimen' fowl for Show purposes and he recommended a method for stopping hens being broody.

He used a jet of air from a tyre inflator wafted across under the tail of the bird - NOT high pressure I stress! After a couple of sessions of this he claims that virtually every bird was back laying,

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Ours has been broody for 10 weeks.......We take her out of the nest box every day and she eats and drinks and does normal chicken things...and we pull the drawbridge up so that she can't get back, but she will not come down out of choice. Coincidentally this happened a few days after her sister got killed by a fox in the nestbox one night. We have made everything as Fort Knox ish as we can since. Her sister had been broody for a few days before this happened. We are in the process of introducing new chickens, there are staring at each other in a divided run until they get a little bigger, probably put them in together in 2-3 weeks.


My question is, 10 weeks sounds a long time to me....Could she have been so shocked that she will never lay again? She is about 18 months old I guess. Perhaps the new chickens will give her something else to think about....She seems perfectly happy otherwise.

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