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Mrs Frugal

Bill Oddie Autumn Watch

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Was that a repeat from a couple of sundays ago Kate? I watched this amazing, and I thought one-off episode of Autumn Watch one sunday, early evening whilst I was ironing school uniform, but I had to put the iron down and gawp in stunned amazement at the sequences of all these groups of starlings amassing into this huge swarm that just covered the sky, moving in the most amazing shapes, and then finally all descending down to the fields. It was absolutely breathtaking :D

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Yes Kate A this was a repeat, and I could see it again, and again, and again. Absolutely amazing. I would love to actually witness that in person, somewhere in Kent I think he said. I kept trying to get Ben (3) to watch the TV, but he seemed more interested in making lego guns and pointing them at my head (mummy you're ignoring me again...) hey ho

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