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Night Nurse

Two become Four!

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Well, took delivery of the new Eglu cube, plus the Ginger Twins today.........Poor Omlet chap had to erect the new Cube in a torrential thunderstorm, but we got there in the end.

So, then we had to introduce the Current Incumbents to the New Arrivals......

I had read topics on this, and was rather dreading it, but it wasn't too bad - a bit of pecking and some feathers flew, and then the Newbies beat a retreat into the Cube for a bit of solace.......

Ended up chucking them out of the Cube and making them socialise - In the end, they seem to have reached a pecking order of sorts, and the Current Incumbents only seem to go and peck the Newbies when they remember to..........As I type, they're all snuggled up together...

Tomorrow is another day, and I haven't dismantled the old Eglu yet, in case anyone has to go into Chicken Borstal for a while......

Oh, and I need to change my signature.......


.....which, on checking, I seem to have done! Ah, the wonders of technology!

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:D:D Congratulations, Andy!

We haven't seen you here for ages, so I'm delighted some good news has brought you back. Hope you'll stay a while, there'll be loads to catch up on.

The introductions sound off to a good start. I found I needed food in several places to ensure the newbies managed to feed sometimes!

Good to see you. :D

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You're right, Shelia, I have been really remiss, and not around for simply ages!....Nice to see nothing's changed, though!


The introductions continue, and there is a fair amount of what OH has christened 'flappage' as we all get to know each other, but there's been no blood spilt, so I'm just letting it run it's course.....


Managed to add purple cube and new names to signature, so I'm back in business.....


Names, by the way, are in honour of my housemate's and my favourite Nurse Tutors from back when we were baby students in the '80's....

I'm sure they'd be delighted if they knew :shock:

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