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Difficult Introductions - any advice? (bit worried)

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I had two new omlet chooks on Tuesday, they are really sweet but trying to do introductions has not been easy, is it ever? :roll:


So far, they have had 1 night together (ok) a second night failed miserably, they had to be parted again, and one free range together with a few aggressive pecking incidents (eventually stood in corner of garden "penned" in by Lily who is def. showing who's boss.)


The "newbies" are in the old eglu whilst the existing two are in the new cube.

I want to try and integrate them more tomorrow, it doesn't help being hindered by the rain - sorry - MUD! as they don't know what to do with themselves anyway, there are also other problems:

One of the newbies has had droppings with blood in but apart from being the meeker of the new two, seems ok otherwise AND Bluebell my PP who is always timid anyway hasn't laid for 3 days since the new ones/new house came.


Is it all going to be too much to try & put them together in the cube tomorrow or am I going to end up with seriously injured chooks?


I could do with a bit of advice off anyone who has been here before?


I have spare feeder & drinkers I can put in the cube to provide additional feeding stations for them all but they really need to have a go at being together in there before too long as I want to remove the old eglu as there isn't enough room really for the two homes.

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Right, made a decision today, aided by the nice weather, after a slightly noisy evening when I popped the newbies in the cube, to put them all together.


After a few hours of uneventful freeranging, it was necessary to put them away. We thought - great - whilst they were out, they were no trouble but now they're in, they are being very vocal and the newbies are trying to huddle anywhere away from the others as the bullying is now coming from both lily & Bluebell.


One good update from yesterday is that Bluebell has laid, however, lily has not.


Will they settle? Can anyone tell me? I am at wor tomorrow and they have got to be kept in all day, I do worry so.

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They will settle eventually.


They are all acting out their roles and when everyone has sorted themselves out things will be peaceful.


Leave them to it as much as you can...even though some of the skirmishes can seem brutal. I'd only intervene if blood is drawn.


It takes about 3 weeks usually before all is harmonious.


Make sure everyone has access to food and water, and encourage them to eat any treats together.

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