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It all depends.....


Have you ordered the cube and one run section - Then 5 chooks max if they are in the run most of the time.


Cube + 2 sections I'd say Max 7 Chooks if they are in the run most of the time.


If you have the 2 sections and all the freerange time in the world I'd say the Cube comfortably would sleep 10 and maybe at a push 1 or 2 more.


If they are bantams you could up the numbers by 1 or 2


But that's only my opinion others might think differently!

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I pretty much agree, we've got 7 in a cube with a run and extension and before we let them out it was starting to look a bit crowded, they're out almost every day for a few hours so once they're back in they don't seem to ming - Rainbow's even stopped pulling everyone elses feathers out. The cube would easily sleep 10 or even 12 chooks - our 7 only take up about 2/3 of the space - the run is the issue.


Mrs Bertie

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Well i have 5 big girls, 2 bantams, and if all the chicks are girls then i wil have 5 more, but they are poland bantams so will have 12 in total, plus i do have 2 creme legbars on order which should be arrriving the end of the month, so in total 14, ... i darnt have anymore....... :D:D:D:D


I havent ordered it yet, at the mo i am on holiday end of October, but once i sort out finances then will def place my order, the hardest thing to decide if i can fit in all the girls is what colour to have,....


decisions decisions. :?

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Plus i want to get the run with the extended bit on it, they are only in the run till i get up as i normally leave the eglu door open or used to should i say in the warmer weather, then once i get up i let them out into their normal uncovered run, then just lock them up at night. unless we are away or out all day then they stay in their run, ( though which is very rare) :D

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