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Ordered our cube!

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Hi all,


Just wanted to tell you all that today we ordered our (green eglu) cube!

Delivery date 10th Sept!! So exciting - also hoping to get some rescue chookies from the battery-hen rescue soon after this but yet to find out the date.


Can't believe how many slugs there were in our guinea-pig (blue eglu) this morning!! hope everyone's ok after all the rain



Nicky :o , hubby 8) , 2 boys :x:wink: , (brown guinea)(guinea), dog, and fishes nearly overflowing out of their pond!

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Well done!


Cubes are fantastic!, I always fancied an Eglu but put it off and off and off, and then I saw the Cube and put it off and then my lovely wife ordered one and that was that. Now we have six lovely chooks loads of eggs and I am finding it hard to justify having a telly!


What colour have you gone for, bearing in mind Purple is best! (you there Jaime?) (he prefers red!)



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Congratulations - Brilliant! My cube is due to arrive next Monday - it seemed so long away when I ordered it, and now it's nearly here! So Sept 10 will come in no time.


Slugs - I go round our greenhouse with a torch at night because the slugs attack my peppers and aubergine plants. I tried giving them to Georgie but she won't touch them (although I saw her eat a snail yesterday). I know I really should put them into a bucket of salt water but I can't bring myself to gratuitously bump them off, so I rehouse them (put them over the wall into next door's garden). I'm sure they make their way back but there you go.


My cube is going to be purple (well, that's what I ordered) as she who must be obeyed said it had to be purple to fit in with the colour scheme in the garden :roll: Our original Mark 1 Eglu is yellow.


You will have lots of fun I'm sure.

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