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Chicken deficient

Teenage cockerel

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I know most of you have hens and no cockerel, but I could do with a bit of advice. My Pekins are now about 13 weeks old and the cockerel has started to figure out his role in life...only the pullets aren't quite up for it yet, and he certainly hasn't worked out the finer points of wooing the ladies. He grabs one of them by the comb and then :oops: !

They are getting so fed up of it all that now they are reluctant to come out of the Eglu in the morning and they used to rush out.

They do seem to recover quite quickly, and the :shock: expression fades, but is it fair for me to just leave him to it? Or should I intervene?


This is the man himself - I'd love to know what they are saying about him!



...and here they all are:



sorry i can't get the photos on here, I'll keep trying :roll:

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I love the pic of the man himself! A real Caption picture.


The two girls have turned their back on him (one has very ruffled feathers) and are clearly muttering something together.


Maybe 'How was it for you?' or 'I wish he wouldn't do that!' :lol::lol:


There are some members here who could offer some advice. I can't I'm afraid. :( Poor girls.

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Well well well. At last! Somebody with a cockeral! I don't have one myself but there was a very noisy one in the village that I got to learn a lot out of! I wouldn't seperate them unless he is hurting your hens. They will get used to him! You may want to buy them all saddles however, as he can ruffle their feathers and cause damage. I wouldn't worry too much for the time being. If you can't buy saddles, you may have to seperate them until you do, otherwise things will start getting bloody. If this happens...the other hens will peck the blooded hen to death.

Good luck



They look beautiful though! Wow!!

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