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Mrs Frugal

How many chickens can I keep in the Eglu?

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The run is large enough to accommodate 2 hens or 3-4 bantams for long periods but if you want to have more hens, the actual Eglu is large enough to take 4 hens or 5-6 bantams comfortably. If you need to keep more than 2 hens in the run permanently, Omlet are now stocking run extension panels in the shop which increase the length of the run by one metre with each panel used. With the converter panel in place, you would have enough space for 3 hens and by adding an extension panel on top of that, you would have plenty of room for 4 hens. You need to start off with the run converter which is one metre long. The run slopes upwards towards the end and the converter takes away this slope and allows for further extension panels to be fitted to it if you want to increase the length further. You can find details of the converter and extension panels in the Omlet shop - http://www.omlet.co.uk/shop/shop.php?cat=Chicken%20Extras

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