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baby chucks that cheep! Ahh.

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We collected our two baby Columbines yesterday. They are about 12 weeks old and are so small they still cheep. We are smitten already. :D As they're so small Daisy chief hen isn't bothered by them at all, they are no threat . . . so far! Their feathers are beautiful brown and cream mix. One has a feather crest, the other doesn't, they are both very different looking. They have an 80% chance of laying blue/green eggs, the rest lay a range of pastel colours. We can't wait to find out! Does anyone else have experience of Columbines? I have heard they are 'active' whatever that means. :?

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They sound lovely Ajuff!


I have just got 2 12 week olds, and I think they are similar to your columbines. They are a hybrid of araucana plus various others. I was told they definitely lay blue eggs! We'll wait and see! They are 14 weeks old now and have grown already. Rosies voice is beginning to break now - she did a half hearted 'cluck' at me yesterday. She sounds the same colour as yours, whereas Ruby is blue/dark grey. Also, Rosie has green legs! They are lovely little things. Please post some pictures - I'd love to see if they are the same!

Here are mine:



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Thanks for that Snowy Howells. My new girls have a similar colouring to the pale hen but their faces look different. I can't seem to add any photos to a posting but I've been successful at adding photos to an Omlet album. I've put a picture of Hilda and Heather in AJuff's hens album.

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