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Speckledy egg

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Oh :shock:


Couperman wrote

For the past couple of days one of our Suffolk Black tails has been laying what look like blood spattered eggs.


She normally lays plain beige ones.


One of mine's been doing that. Wouldn't they be miserable if they had red mite? :shock:


I'm worried now

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Mine sometimes lay eggs with speckles on, and I've found you can scrub the spots off. It changes from one day to the next, and is occasional. The spots vary, too, sometimes they are large, sometimes very small, and sometimes heavier round the middle of the egg. How do they do THAT?


Think it's something to do with what they eat, possibly. Mine are on layers, plus whatever they can get from the garden, get chucked at them, and things they find on the kitchen floor, increasingly. Funky found the catflap the other day.


And it's usually only one hen that gets them.

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ours have had a lot of cherries lately as the are nice and ripe, they go mad for them, that might explain it? :?


The spots do rub off and there was a more artistic smudge type thing too!


I am sure she'll be fine. Couldn't find any evidence of mites but got some powder just in case.


I will make some better roosting bars shortly and plasticote them as ours are falling apart already!



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