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Pellet Turnover

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oops: I foolishly left the lid off of the food bin last week and found about an inch of rain water in the bottom of the bin. The food bag split when I lifted it out of the bin and I now have free range food in the bin. This appears to have atracted my local fruit fly colony (recently displaced from the compost bin).


The chicks love the pellets when mxed with yoghurt but don't seem so fussed when its left in the food holder. Should I discard the left over food or wait until they've used it up? :

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If they are not laying yet they will eat less pellets, but mine will not eat pellets unless mixed with water (which could be cheaper than yoghurt). I feed mash as they avoid the pellets.


I would probably usethe pellets up, mixing with water every day, as maybe wasteful to throw out/compost a whole sack.

If the issue is that the food has flies around it, then it may need throwing out if it has gone off, or at least the bin cleaned out and any food salvaged that is OK.

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