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Help with Bantams please!!!

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I need some help :!: I took delivery of three gorgeous bantams yesterday - two gold pekins and one aracuna. However (and this is the major thing), they are only nine weeks old...our Eglu is too big for them :shock:


Our other two girls (hybrids) we got at POL, so were large - but these three little things are minute! We kept them in a big dog carrier last night with food and water, but when I can put them into the Eglu? Is it weeks away?


Sorry to be a nuisance - I think I'm still in shock as to how small they are :!::!:

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I have had tiny baby Bants in an Eglu, with not too many problems.

There are some photos on my album - link below.

Our smallest was 7 weeks when we got her, & a really teeny thing.


One thing I did do was block off the end of the big roosting bars, as there is a gap where they kept falling down into :roll:


If you are concerned about the run, then maybe you could shorten it & use the spare bits propped up around the outside of it to sort of make the mesh smaller (I hope that makes sense!)

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Sarah, thank you - your bantams are beautiful!


I shall go out to the garden now and do some DIY on the Eglu - the girls are chirping away like mad, so it may give the cats a rest from watching them, to come and watch me do something much more interesting in the garden...I hope!!

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My bantams were 8 weeks old but one was definitely younger and so small - but they were all fine in the Cube.


They just huddle up together.


They spent the first day in there with their food and water - and the second day - part of it - with food and water, then I lifted them out


since then they are great - no problems and you can see on my www below

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