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Cheese bread

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That was just a bit of dough left over, but the main recipe I follow is this:


500g strong flour ( http://www.trueloafbakery.co.uk/description.php?UID=2007080616383987.102.95.124&II=10 this is my prefered but its not cheap)

300 - 320ml warm water

25 - 35g butter / margarine

1 tsp sea salt

1 - 2 tsp brown sugar (optional)

1 packet fast acting yeast (I use the sianburys one)




Mix flour. salt, sugar and yeast together.

Slowly add water and keep mixing with a wooden spoon until all water is added and the dough is mixed.


Tip dough out onto a floured surface and leave for a few minutes.


Knead for 5-10 minutes by hand (or as long as you can).


Divide the dough for the correct size tins. Lightly grease the tins with olive oil and place dough in, cover with damp tea towel (or put each tin in a carrier bag and tie up....i find this the best method as nothing stops the dough rising)


Keep in a warm room (no draughts) for at least 50 minutes, until dough has doubled in size.


Place in pre heated oven about 200 c for about 25 minutes. Half way through brush the top of the bread with a little olive oil.


Sorry isome of the amounts and times are not very clear but I dont find it an exact science........Play about with the quantities and times until its right for you......Can can always change the butter / margarine for olive oil, around 2 - 3 table spoons......


For the cheese bread cut a piece of cheese into small pieces and add to the dough at the end of kneading.


Hope you enjoy..... :)

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Yeah :) Didnt take long as its in my head now, I have been playing about with the quantities for a while now and I am leaning towards the top end of the quantities in that recipe.


Although its very similar to the original one off the hovis site (and most others ive seen), I find my amounts are better :lol::lol:


The only thing is it doesnt stay fresh for very long, although in our house it doesnt last long enough to need to, just a word of warning if you make bread cakes / baps / oven bottoms / barms (whatever you want to call them) :lol: they only stay fresh for a day or so.......Someone might be able to advise on something that can be added the the recipe to make it last longer, although im quite happy with it as it is as I know its not full of preservatives......

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