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Light sussex bantam cockerals anyone?

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Hi guys,

We need to find homes for the light sussex we bought as young chicks a few weeks ago as 4 of them are cockerals & we don't want to upset the neighbours, if anyone is interested, you are welcome to them.

They are young & healthy & they can crow for England! :roll:

We do know a lady who will take them from us, but she is quite a distance away, so thought i'd ask on here 1st. We are near Stourbridge, West Midlands.[/url]

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Thanks both. There are 4 cockerals. We have asked around but "Ooops, word censored!"ody wants them, so I will be taking them to the poultry auction tomorrow. We live in a built up area & are surrounded by gardens. Noone has complained yet, but 2 of the cockerals have a crowing competition & they are very noisy once they start. :roll:

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Awwwww. Weldone you for being so brave!!!!

Who did they go to?

What was it like there?

I need details!!!!



I took them to a poultry sale, it was fine there, I have been before. They went to 4 different people & they all sold for £3 each (which is about £2.50 more than we expected) :roll: So all in all it was ok & I don't have to keep cringing & worrying about the neighbours when I'm in the garden now. :wink:

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