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"Buttercup" hybrids

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I've pre-ordered a Buttercup from Warwickshire Rare Breeds, it is a new hybrid for them to stock and they are unsure what breeds they're crossed with.

I've googled like crazy but can't find any reference to them. Has anyone heard about them or actually has one???

I wish I could show you a piccie to help but I didn't take a camera or phone with me!

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hi there,


yes I have a buttercup, I would say she is the best of my hens. She is the plainest looking (average browny hen!) but she has a lovley nature, not too bolshy like the Amberstar or flighty like the Whitestar. My girls are 2 now and she is still laying daily. If I were buying a new lot I would have several buttercups - there are a great all rounder. She has never ailed either.


Good choice!


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I'm really pleased that you've got so much good to say about them clarea1

it was my huband who chose her actually. This really surprised me because he usually goes for the most unusual looking pets.

I'm really looking forward to collecting them on Tuesday and settling them into our cube :D

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I've just looked in the Omlet breed guide and seen a Buttercup - Mine isn't like that - I think that one is a pedigree type? My hybid is of the Rhode Island red - she looks like the battery type hen (a healthy one!) not the type in the breed guide on here.


You did say the hybid in your post so hope I've given you relevent info!

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Yes, Tika looks just like the girl we've reserved. She's definitely a hybrid and absolutely no relation to the Sicilian Buttercup or the American Buttercup.I told you I'd been googling! :oops:

I'm getting quite unbearable now with only 2 days to go so I'm glad I can come here and ramble on for ages! :D

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She looks very healthy by the way Tony, a lovley example.


Thank you very much. I got her and the other three from one of the breeders in the Omlet list when I got my Eglu. There were 100's of birds, all running loose among acres of fruit trees. Every one looked just as healthy without so much as a feather out of place so I had no reservations about buying them. Plus they're all vaccinated.


I also bought two, one week old White Cambells. My wife uses dozens of eggs per week and when I told him he gave me three trays (7.5 dozen) to be getting on with till they start laying.


I'm not too sure what type the other three are,I know they're hybrids of some sort so if anyone has any ideas?


I hope moochoo's buttercup turns out as friendly as mine, she's always first to snap my fingers off when I get the raisins out.

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