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Tina C

Parents Golden Wedding Anniversary - help!

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Its in a couple of weeks time and I don't know what to do for them.


Last year I told them I planned to host a party - this was eventually turned down ('not really party people')


So I have since offered to either send them away somewhere (eg Paris by Eurostar - mum won't fly) or do London hotel/theatre as a family.


Still no enthusiasm.


They are due inherit a share of my nan's house proceeds and are now saying things like it seems wrong for you to be spending your money on us as you need it more (even though I am only proposing that I spend some of the £1,000 they gave me out of the initial cash inheritance).


They are not elderly (they married young) and like a lot of people of their generation they now actually feel wealthier than they ever did because of decent pension provision and they do not seem to want anything.


They also have very different tastes - Dad, auctions, collecting things, car boot sales, watching TV. Mum - gardening, walking, talking.


I just can't think of anything I can give to them that will meet with their approval (some other things I have considered - family photo, rings) . I am seriously considering telling them I will buy them an cube and look after it for them, but they would probably say 'Great idea'.


I feel pathetic asking this - anyone got any great ideas I could steal?

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Have a look at Lastminute.com, they do ideal gifts for things, how about tea at the Ritz ( ok, am not sure where you live!!) but a theatre weekend, hotair balloon ride. donation to a charity on their behalf.

Mind you i would enjoy the Eglu and look after it for them, :lol::lol::lol:


How about naming a star after them? or naming a rose?, there are loads of ideas to ponder on xxx


Good luck x

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Ali - you are worse than me :D I thought I was leaving it late. Its really hard isn't it?


Naming a rose or a star sounds interesting.


Hot air balloon is a definite no - I tried to get my mum up in one over Norfolk (where she comes from) for her 60th - she was absolutely petrified at the idea.


Photo is a no too - my dad and my brother hate having their photo taken.


Newspaper would be interesting though, I think I will do that for starters.


Ooh have just thought of something. When Southwold pier was restored you could buy a small plaque to put on the railing (it was to raise funds for the pier). Maybe I could do that if they are still running the scheme.

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Hi Tina


You say your parents don't like having their photos taken, what about collating pictures from over the years


Last year we did a year book for our children, of all the things they did last year, school trips, holidays, trips away, famous people they met etc etc.


You could do this for your mum and dad, wedding photos, baby pictures, pictures of you and your family, things they have done over the years all sorts of things. You can add captions to the pictures as well


It is a lovely momento and you have great fun deciding what to put in


I think it was done through Jessops, you chose the pictures, put in captions and then they printed them into a book


We are going to do the same for them this year

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