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peggy and babs

Chicken control - patio problems

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Quite honestly no! You will either have to fence off an area where they can go - and the dog won't be able to - in your garden - or keep washing the patio.



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We had exactly the same problem so decided to buy the netting and poles from Omlet and now incarcerated our 3 chooks in a permanent place in the garden. They do get released for good behavious now and again.


As much as we loved having them roam free round the garden they were destroying it, and only seemed to have runny poops on the patio!! :oops: And that was only after having them for 2 weeks.


After a couple of days they got used to being in the one place, they've a log for perching and we hide food under the woodchips so they have something to scratch for other than just eating from the grub.

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