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There is a chicken in my garden

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I have just had a moment of pure panic.


I let the chooks free range in the garden and came in to finish off tidying the kitchen.


about an hour later our next door neighbour came and hammered on the back door (we use the back door rather than the front door) yelling "there is a chicken in my front garden"


what had happened was that I had forgotten to block the "cat hole" in the fence, and one of them had sneaked through it :shock:


the "cat hole" was first put in - or taken out when we built the fence and little girly next door got really upset cos her cat "sammy" wouldnt be able to get down the drive, cos of the 6 foot fence we had just put up (her cat was way to delicate to jump :lol: )


Anyway me, and the boy next door, have just spent 10 minutes running up and down the drive trying to capture the escapee. we ended up cornering it and forcing it back the way it came.


well, lesson learned - I will not be leaving it open again (ok, I probably will, but it was a giggle :lol:

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Oh dear - glad you caught her!


It reminds me of my Kim who I discovered had disappeared from the garden. I found her outside on an area of common land having a great time. :shock: I suspect she had been sneaking out regularly because she wasn't at all alarmed and definitely didn't want to be caught! :evil:

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Ha ha!! Yes, I have been through that! Neighbours 3 doors down banged on the door one day and said "is this YOUR black and white hen on my lawn?" ... yep, Speckle had escaped somehow as the fence was being repaired, however, they were netted in, and the bloke doing said fence didnt see her escape. Cunning bird!


She hasnt done it since, thankfully!

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