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Anyone still have a Roomba?

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Just thought I'd resurrect this thread, because of our little Raymondo.


Raymondo had been unplugged for some months because I'd bought one of those amazing Dyson cordless machines, and I found it so easy to use I wasn't use Raymondo very much. I unplugged him and consigned him to a shelf in the spare room while I considered what to do with him.


After several months I decided he would still be useful, I would set him to do the landing every day, and he could also do our bedroom. The landing is one of our few carpeted areas, and the cats have beds there, so it always needs doing. Rayondo always does a fantastic job on carpets, I'm always horrified at how much he manages find.


He wouldn't charge up.


I didn't want to spend the money on a new Roomba, so I bought a new battery for him. It worked. He worked, Some time later, I was using him to clean the athroom and when he'd done, I noticed that the dust filter was full, but the bin was empty. I know from past experience that this is a brush problem. I had a spare new brush, so I put that in.


No difference.


DH had a look, and I googled. We came to the same conclusion, the whole brush head thing wasn't working.


We discussed what to do. I didn't really want to spend the money on a new Roomba, especially as I'd forked out for a new battery. So, we bought a new brush head unit from Ebay.


When it arrived, we could see that it was actually a unit from one of the 7 series. The brushes were different, and the way they fitted into the casing was better.


I set Raymondo off to clean the landing.


OMG. The new brushes are fantastic, even better than the old ones. Raymondo has a new lease of life, and I even let him do downstairs as a treat.

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