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Feeding Young Bantams

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We got 3 bantams two weeks ago; they are now 10 weeks old :D We've been feeding them on growers pellets, but I wondered when I could give them grapes, raisins, porridge etc - the girls look so tiny, I didn't want to give them anything "big" to eat :shock:



I must try and post some pictures, they are gorgeous girls. So funny going to bed at night - it took two nights to show them how to get into the Eglu and now they are in and out all day! Last night they took themselves off to bed before 8pm!!! I wish next door's children would do the same...

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They are best on mainly growers pellets until around 16/18 weeks. You can give them the very occasional treat late afternoon, when they've had a good munch of their proper food. Just chop the grapes etc up into smaller pieces for them. Don't over-do it though because they really need their proper nutrition at this age.

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Thank you! It's a whole new experience for me - but we're getting there. I can't wait until they like being cuddled, as our two hybrids do. At the moment they are being held slightly against their will. They think they like being cuddled, but are not too sure. A few bribes will come in handy :D

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