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Japanese quail sexing

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Hi I'm the happy owner of four new japanese quail about 5/6 months old. Am trying to sex them but not having much luck.


So have a couple of questions....


Is it ONLY the males that 'crow' loudly


Is it possible for a female to pass froth when sexing


One of them is for want of a better word the 'normal' brown colouring but has no speckles on the chest....it's plain brown but the other end looks like a female


If it does turn out that I have more than one male in with one or more females do I have to separate the males ..ie will they fight if they live together?


Many thanks in advance

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Hi Ness, welcome to the forum :D


At 6 months old you'll definitely be able to sex them - are they laying yet?

I've never heard my females crow nor foam when sexing, though if they've just been mated that could account for the foam... The one with no speckles on her chest could be an Italian Quail if she is a bit paler?


Found some old photos of mine at about 5 or 6 weeks old, female:


and male:



Male quail can be quite vigorous so they'll fight and also wear out the females if there are 2 males to 2 females; ideally for 2 males you'd want 8-10 females.

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Oh noooo! Why did you post those pictures! They are way too cute!

Another thing I have to add to the never ending list of animals in case I marry a rich guy and move to a large estate....

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