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My new chickens!

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Awww my new chickens are soooooo good, I can't believe how quiet they are. They tootle off to bed without being shown the way - they are taking sweetcorn They are so sweet. My little leghorn Smartie makes cutes like squeaking noises rather than chicken noises. Little friendly noises - she is so dainty, she looks like a white dove. She is 15 weeks, but has the most developed comb of the 3. Little tiny spikes on her head.


Last night, we couldn't resist peeping through the eggport with a torch. They were all cuddled together on the roosting bars - no pooing in the nesting box - they are very well behaved - not like my 3 big girls in the cube who are now all sleeping in the nesting box at night & leaving me 3 poos every morning. :roll:


I took a phot of the 3 new ones cuddled up in their eglu - I'll put it in my gallery later. So so sweet.



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They definably are well trained these Craeg Mhor chooks! Maybe mine are still settling in but they are so well behaved, I had prepared myself for no end of squabbles and problems but touch wood, so far so good!!

Can't wait to see more piccies ... I especially like the pink eglu set up!

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He he - the pink eglu set up is temporary until we can clear the left hand side of the garden I call frog area. I don't like going down there! :(


But the new girls seem happy where they are - they are all cuddled up in the sun at the moment. They have had some porridge oats this afternoon as one of them has runny poo. They loved them!

I know it will be a while off yet, but I've put a ping pong ball in the nest - so they know where they have to go when the time comes. I did this with the Omlet girls last year.


You like the gazebo then? :wink: Hubby got it from Wikinsons - half price for £7.50! It's actually a kids gazebo & paddling pool & it works a treat! Makes the new girls think they live in a sort of chicken camelot! :lol:


The photos of the new girls are in my gallery, plus the one of them at bedtime last night, when I peeped thru the eggport!


I wonder how Karen & Co's Creag Mhor chooks are? You were 1st, then me, then Karen & Co! He was a very busy man on Saturday! :D



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:lol: My girls are fine too :D The two little leghorns do make a cute noise don't they? mine have also got little pink spiky combs, which I hope don't turn into very large red spiky combs :wink:


A touch of runny poo here also, but they know exactly what to do at dusk, and don't try to sneak out to play after dark when I go to lock them up like the others do :lol:


(Note to self.....learn how to load photos :oops: )


karen x

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