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Red Mite!!!!

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OH was cleaning the eglu out today and found some of what we assume is red mites! We have only had it since the start of JUly - could they have come with the hens? I feel like I've failed them, poor things. We do clean it out regularly (about every 2 weeks) and empty out poo every 2 days.


I gave the eglu a good wash and scrub out then spread mite powder all over it, plus coated the poor hens in it - they looked like they'd been talcum powdered. Was this the right thing to do and will it get rid of them? How often do we need to mite powder the hens and the eglu?



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I think you've done the right thing, please don't feel like you've failed them!


From what I understand, red mite don't live on the chickens but in nooks and crannies. I think they like warm, damp conditions - although someone please correct me if I'm wrong..... :?


I put powder in the eglu every time I clean it.


Please don't worry!

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