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Pet Remedy - new recipe?

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We lost one of our elderly cats back in October. After some months as a two cat household, we decided to adopt another one. We adopted lovely Dexter in 2014 and he fitted in really well with our 2 ladies, so we went back to the local shelter.


Jelly joined us about 4 weeks ago. She was rescued from a house where there were too many cats, all of them unneutered. Food was put out for them but she has never known human interaction and is semi-feral. It's likely she's had a litter or two.


I dug out the diffusers for Feliway and Pet Remedy from when we got Dexter and bought new stuff for them. OMG! What have they done to Pet Remedy?! It stinks! It's like a mixture of unwashed feet and that smell that gerbils have when they need cleaning out. I got it from two different places so I don't think it's just a dodgy batch.


The Feliway smells much the same as I remember but I found that Pet Remedy worked better in the past. However, I can't put up with the smell. I unplugged them for a week or so but found the cats got a bit aggro so have reluctantly plugged them back in.


If you are thinking of buying any, unless you have a poor sense of smell, my advice would be to stick to Feliway!

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I found Feliway made me feel nauseous :shock: couldn't hack the smell. I thought it was only likely to affect cats. Made me stressed :lol:

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